Rent durable, clean & sanitized plastic moving boxes. Purchase moving Supplies. York Region & GTA.

Save time and money. Rent moving boxes.

Moving or renovating? A2B Easy Pack's box rental service can help.

A2B Easy Pack does not provide moving or storage services. 

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Specifications:  27.4" L x 17" W x 12.6" H

STEP 1: We Deliver

Durable, clean and sanitized plastic moving boxes are delivered to your home or business. 

STEP 2: You Pack and Move

Take your time and pack at your own pace.  Move to your new location.

STEP 3: We Pick Up

We will pick up the boxes from your new location.


Save time and money. Rent moving boxes for your next move or Reno.  Moving Supplies are available.

Its simple...$4 per box for the first week, then just $1 per box per week thereafter.

Keep the moving boxes as long as you need!

Additional discounts are applicable on rental periods greater than 4 weeks and/or when 50 or more boxes are required.

Please contact us for a quote.

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